Anti Social Behaviour

Every tenant is responsible for the behaviour of all the members of their household, including visitors and pets. Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, excessive and persistent n

oise, disturbance or abusive or threatening behaviour towards neighbours or our staff are all breaches of the Tenancy Agreement.

Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour which harms the quality of life of residents in an area, causing distress or alarm. It includes threats, drug dealing, theft and vandalism. Nuisance includes persistent noise, disturbance or abusive behaviour which causes distress to others. If you are having a problem with a neighbour we would advise you, wherever possible, to speak to them first and try to resolve the problem. If you can’t sort it out or you think that it is too serious for you to deal with on your own, you should contact your Housing Officer.

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If your neighbour is a tenant of ours, there are several ways our Housing Services Team can deal with the problem, such as:

  • Visit both parties to discuss the problem and hopefully sort it out;
  • Arrange mediation if you and your neighbour are agreeable;
  • Speak to other organisations which might be able to help you, for example, the Police or Social Work;
  • Seek an Anti-Social Behaviour Order;

As a last resort, take legal action against the tenant if they are in breach of their tenancy agreement to evict them.

We also work in partnership with Inverclyde Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team, the Police and other local agencies to prevent and tackle antisocial behaviour. If you are being affected by anti-social behaviour you can contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Helpline, which is run by Inverclyde Council on 0800 01 317 01 or by e-mail at

Your Neighbourhood (Estate Management) Section of your Tenants Handbook