At Cloch, Polcies are an essential part of our day-to-day operations. They assist with our regulatory compliance, give guidance for decision-making, and help streamline internal and external processes.

Corporate & Governance

Key Corporate & Governance Policies can be viewed below:

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File Description File Size
Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy PDF icon 180KB
Asset Management Strategy PDF icon 438KB
Being complained about Policy PDF icon 182KB
Board Induction Policy PDF icon 129KB
Board Member Recruitment Policy PDF icon 199KB
Board Member s Role Description PDF icon 185KB
Board Remit PDF icon 147KB
CCTV Policy PDF icon 163KB
Chair s Role Description PDF icon 175KB
Charging Policy PDF icon 148KB
Cloch's Complaints Handling Procedure PDF icon 441KB
Code of Conduct - Board Members PDF icon 221KB
Code of Conduct - staff PDF icon 482KB
Code of Conduct for Governance Body Members - Breach of the Code PDF icon 770KB
Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy PDF icon 471KB
Customer Involvement Strategy & Service Standards Policy PDF icon 315KB
Data Protection Policy PDF icon 265KB
Developing Young Person Strategy PDF icon 129KB
Dignity at Work Policy PDF icon 144KB
Disclosure of Interest Policy PDF icon 197KB
Document Management Strategy PDF icon 206KB
Domestic Abuse Staff Policy PDF icon 183KB
Donations & Sponsorship Policy PDF icon 137KB
Employee Volunteering Policy PDF icon 575KB
Entitlement Payment Benefits Policy PDF icon 347KB
Environmental Information Regulations Policy PDF icon 159KB
Equality and Diversity Policy PDF icon 378KB
Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy PDF icon 422KB
Expenses Policy PDF icon 424KB
Flexi TOIL Policy PDF icon 193KB
Flexible Working Policy PDF icon 258KB
Freedom of Information Policy PDF icon 175KB
Lone Working Policy PDF icon 184KB
Membership Policy PDF icon 149KB
Membership Strategy PDF icon 194KB
Minute Taking Protocol Policy PDF icon 261KB
Modern Slavery Statement PDF icon 124KB
Notifiable Events Policy PDF icon 168KB
Paws Policy PDF icon 170KB
Personal relationships at work PDF icon 133KB
Policy on Handling a Serious Complaint or Grievance against Director PDF icon 469KB
Privacy Notice - Customers PDF icon 272KB
Privacy Notice - Employees PDF icon 248KB
Recruitment and Selection Policy PDF icon 173KB
Remit of Finance and Corporate Services Sub-Committee PDF icon 151KB
Remit of Housing Property Services Sub-Committee PDF icon 166KB
Remote and Hybrid Working PDF icon 311KB
Risk Management Strategy PDF icon 269KB
Rules of the Association Eligibility for the Board PDF icon 142KB
Sabbatical Policy PDF icon 184KB
Salary Sacrifice Policy PDF icon 122KB
Scheme Of Delegation PDF icon 238KB
Secretary's Role Description PDF icon 185KB
Shared Parental Leave Policy PDF icon 218KB
Smoke Free Policy PDF icon 329KB
Staff Appraisal Policy PDF icon 298KB
Staff Training and Development Policy PDF icon 202KB
Stress, Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy PDF icon 308KB
Unacceptable Actions Policy PDF icon 155KB
Vice Chair's Role Description PDF icon 113KB
Whistleblowing Policy PDF icon 180KB