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Cloch Housing Assocaition is partnered with the Inverclyde Common Housing Register (ICHR) and These Homes. You can register online and apply for properties within the Inverclyde area and across Scotland. Once you are registered with the ICHR and These Homes you can apply for available properties from Cloch, Oak Tree, Larkfield, Link and Sanctuary Housing Associations as well as all the other Scottish landlords who are These Homes partners. Click the following link to register for ICHR on These Homes

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Mututal Exchange, Assignation/Sub-Letting

Mututal Exchange, Assignation/Sub-Letting

A Mutual Exchange take place when two tenants agree to exchange properties with each other. Tenants do not need to have the same landlord but the exchange requires the approval of both landlords involved. Those wishing to exchange must be tenants of a Registered Social Housing Landlord i.e. a Local Authority or Housing Association.

Applying for a Mutual Exchange

when you have found another tenant you wish to exchange with, both tenants should complete a Mutual Exchange Application From and send both froms together to our office. The Assiociation will then consider the mutual exchange and will provide written consent or refusal on the Mutual Exchange Application. Further information on Mutual Exchanges and reasons for refusals can be found in our Mutual Exchange Policy.

Cloch Tenants can complete an application on the MyCloch portal, or by completing the Mutual Exchange Form. Tenants from other landlords could complete the Mutual Exchange form and return it to Cloch and make contact with their own landlord

Transferring Your Tenancy - Assignation & Subletting

If you are giving up your tenancy and moving away, but you would like someone else in your household to stay on in the house then you can apply to assign your tenancy to them. You must always ask our permission to do this. The assigned person must be at least 16 years old and must have been living there with you for a minimum of 12 months. Other conditions must also be met. For more information about our policy in transferring tenancies contact your Housing Officer. We would also consider a request to sublet your home for a short period if you had to move away fro a while. Please contact your Housing Officer to find out more about this.

Mutual Exchange (Moving Home) Section of your Tenants Handbook Mutual Exchange Form

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