Freedom of Information 

Cloch Housing Association comes under the Freedom of Information regulations.  You can apply to us for information on our business and environmental issues.  We have now published our Guide to Information and there are further links on this part of the website.  Go to the Guide to Information page to see the categories of information we hold and browse our website for our policies, information on our Board, and a lot more.

Freedom of Information allows you to request information from the Association about its business.  Your request must be in writing and can be by email, letter, private Facebook message, or if you come into the office where we can give you a form to fill in.  

This legislation now means that you can also make an Environmental Information Request and as well as in writing, we can accept a verbal request for information.

When we receive your request we will check that it has a correct name and address (pseudonyms are not acceptable) and we will check that the request is clear.  We will also assess if your request is actually a Subject Access Request (that is a request about personal data we hold on you) or an Environmental Information Request.  Whatever legislation applies, we will write acknowledging the request and tell you how we will treat the request.  We have 20 working days to respond.

Staff may be able to signpost you to the information without the need for a request.  Some information may be on our website and we may in some instances be able to direct you to another institution or website for the information.  If you do not have access to the internet, we will help you access the information.

If your request is greater than £100 cost to Cloch, we will charge you for the information.  See our Charging Policy for further information.

Read our Guide to Information

Making a Request for Information 

We are here to help you so, if you have any questions regarding FOI please contact our office on 01475 783637. Or e-mail and put in the subject line "Query about FOI".  You can also private message us on Facebook or pop into the office at 19 Bogle Street, Greenock PA15 1ER