Report a Repair

Ensuring that our properties are repaired and maintained to a high standard is one of our core duties. This includes making sure that general day to day reactive repairs are attended to within reasonable timescales, as well as planning for future major works such as the replacement of boilers, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and doors, etc. We also provide a factoring service that includes the repair and upkeep of common areas.

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Emergency Repairs

During our office opening hours, please contact our Customer Connections team on 01475 783 637.

When our office is closed out of hours emergency repairs are carried out by James Frew for all trades. Please contact us on 01475 783 637 and listen to the voice message to connect your call.

Please DO NOT report emergency repairs through our Tenant Portal.

Useful Contacts

  • For burst water mains or discoloured water, please contact Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778. 
  • For gas leaks, please contact Scottish Gas Network, formally Transco on 0800 111 999. 
  • For power cuts in your area, please contact Scottish Power on 0800 0778 778. 

For a non-urgent repair

Report using the My Cloch Portal. this portal can be used at any time of the day or night to submit non-emergency repair requests. Alternatively during office opening hours you can call us on 01475 783 637.

Frequently ask questions

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What are the repair categories and timescales?

We have 3 categories of repairs. These are:

  • Emergency, Will be attended and made safe within 4 hours of being reported.
  • Urgent, Will be completed within 2 working days.
  • Routine, Will be completed within 10 working days.
Will I Have To Pay For Repair Work Carried Out By The Association?

As your Landlord we are responsible for carrying out all repairs to your home as well as the to fences, gates and paths etc which you have reported to the Association.

The exception to this is where the damage is caused by the tenant, other occupants, or visitors. In these circumstances the tenant will be liable for the costs, and we can advise of the process once reported.

Alternatively, you can arrange for the repair to be carried out by a competent tradesperson which will then be inspected by an officer from Cloch.

What repairs am I responsible for?

As a tenant of the Association you are responsible for certain repairs in and around your home, which are as follows:-

  • Your own fitments.
  • Internal decoration.
  • Door Bells (except if provided by the Association).
  • Door locks and replacement keys where you have lost or broken keys.
  • Door Nameplates on flat entrance door (not door entry panels).
  • Connections to washing machines and cookers.
  • Light bulbs and electric fuses in plugs.
  • Fluorescent tubes and starters.
  • Garden Huts/Greenhouses/Pigeon lofts.
  • Rotary driers and Ropes for drying clothes.
  • Shower unit (except if provided by the Association).
  • Waste Plugs & Chains to washbasin/bath/sink.
  • Blocked waste and soil pipes where these have been caused by tenant misuse. (e.g. fat, cotton wool, etc.)
  • All floor coverings (e.g. carpets, tiles, laminate, etc.)

For the above, you are expected to take action yourself, however, if you are unable to carry out any of these tasks, for example if you are elderly or suffer from a disability, please discuss this with us. We may be able to suggest special arrangements. Contact the office if in doubt.

What If The Damage Is Caused By The Tenant?

Tenants will be charged for any repairs caused by damage or misuse by themselves, members of their family, lodgers, or visitors.

Our contractors

Our head of property, Paul McColgan, with contractorsWe have recently procured a range of local contractors who will carry out emergency and non-urgent repairs work on our stock and to your homes.

Our reactive repairs service is now provided by a number of smaller and local tradespersons who will carry out all your day-to-day emergency and non-urgent reactive repairs. When you report the repair you will be advised which contractor has been allocated the repair and a timescale for attending your home. On attendance to your home each tradesperson will carry ID.

When the office is closed ALL emergency repairs, including those to your heating and hot water will be undertaken by James Frew (Gassure) via the details provided on this page.